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About San Francisco Bay Area Families for Safe Streets

As our lives are forever impacted by traffic violence, we band together to support others and advocate to bring an end to preventable traffic deaths and injuries.

San Francisco Bay Area Families for Safe Streets (FSS), founded in 2016, is made up of survivors and families whose loved ones have been killed or severely injured by preventable crashes on our streets. Hear some of our stories firsthand.

We represent the full breadth of the Bay Area region’s diversity to provide a range of support to others with similar experiences.

Our goal is to end preventable traffic violence in our communities and make streets safe for everyone. We are banding together to turn grief into action so no other person has to face the same devastation that we have. We plan to make Vision Zero a reality to end traffic deaths and build a cultural movement around the value of protecting and saving lives by putting street safety first.

We envision streets:

  • Where people, whether walking, bicycling, taking transit, driving, etc., safely co-exist
  • Where children, seniors, and people of all abilities can travel without risk of harm
  • Where no loss of life in traffic is acceptable.

We focus on four core values in all that we do.

  • Determination. We know firsthand the unspeakable pain of losing those we hold most dear to preventable crashes. We also know the trauma of surviving. We bear witness to this pain, as agonizing as it may be, because we know what it is like to have a loved one never return home and we work to prevent anyone else from experiencing such needless suffering. We focus on getting real results, and in everything we say and do, we act in honor of those we have lost.
  • Community. We are a community of survivors and families of loved ones lost and injured, and we exist to serve the greater community of San Francisco and the entire Bay Area. We know that real, lasting, life-saving change cannot happen without the support of the communities we serve, and we engage everyone from our neighbors, friends, pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers, to lawmakers, police, and civil servants in our work.
  • Empathy. We believe that in order to have true equity in our fight for safe streets, we must have empathy. We examine the systems and behaviors we seek to change from all angles and perspectives, knowing that in order to create streets that are safe and equitable for all, we must engage drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities.
  • Justice. We seek justice for everyone, including those whose lives have been touched by traffic violence and those we hope to prevent from ever knowing its pain. We focus on the most vulnerable in our communities, knowing that factors such as race, age, and socioeconomic status affect one’s chances of being touched by traffic violence. We aim to enact laws and systems that promote order and fairness for all and to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. We believe true justice means no one suffers from traffic violence.

Help reclaim our streets as safe, shared, public spaces for everyone.

Join us in urging city and state leaders to take the steps needed to end traffic-related deaths and injuries of pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. Learn more about our advocacy work.

San Francisco Bay Area Families for Safe Streets (FSS) is part of a national Families for Safe Streets movement of survivors and families whose loved ones have been killed or seriously injured due to dangerous or reckless driving.

Contact us with questions.

San Francisco Bay Area Families for Safe Streets receives support and guidance from Walk San Francisco. FSS members make all decisions regarding our initiatives.