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Emotional Support Resources in the Bay Area and Online

The aftermath of being seriously injured or losing a loved one in a traffic crash is a traumatic and devastating experience. You are not alone. The San Francisco Bay Area Families for Safe Streets community is here for you. We also offer occasional emotional support events; check the events calendar to see if one is coming. 

Below is a list of emotional support resources so you can quickly get connected to the help you need. Please reach out to Families for Safe Streets at any time.

  • Our members have been there for me with great compassion for each other and the work we do. I've learned how to share my deepest thoughts about how I feel with the loss of my son.

General Support Services

Access Institute 

Wide-ranging mental health services, including emergency services for people of all ages. Located in San Francisco

Bay Area Community Counseling Trauma Clinic

Workshops, counseling and resources for children, adults, families, and couples. Locations in San Francisco and the East Bay

Berkeley Therapy Institute

Wide-ranging support services for individuals and families, including trauma support, PTSD, and grief counseling.  Locations in Berkeley and San Francisco

Center for Mindful Psychotherapy

Holistic and mindful approaches to therapy for individuals, couples, and groups. Locations throughout the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and Palo Alto  

Jewish Family and Children’s Services 

Bay Area-wide grief counseling and support for individuals and families regardless of age, faith, or relation to loved one.  Locations in Sonoma and throughout the Bay Area including San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Mateo, and Marin County

Well San Francisco

Online and in-person counseling to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Locations in Oakland and San Francisco

The Zen Caregiving Project 

In-person and online support groups, plus compassionate caregiving training and resources based on mindfulness. Located in San Francisco

Specific Grief Support

Bay Area Jewish Healing Center

A spiritual support center, offering group and individual counseling, retreats, and bereavement camp for children and families, regardless of faith. Located in San Francisco, with activities around the Bay Area

The Compassionate Friends

Free, peer-led support for those grieving the loss of a child. Locations throughout the Bay Area including San Francisco, Marin County, and San Jose

Contra Costa Crisis Center 

Free individual and group grief support groups and resources.

Hospice East Bay

Palliative care and grief support for individuals and families. Located in Pleasant Hill

Institute on Aging

Traumatic loss grief support groups, individual counseling, and mindfulness workshops. Locations throughout the Bay Area including San Francisco, Marin County, the Peninsula, Santa Clara County, and the East Bay


Grief support and resources for individuals and families. Locations throughout the Bay Area including San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda and western Contra Costa Counties

Grief Counseling Specifically for Children and Teens

Kara Grief Support 

Grief support for children, teens, adults, and families, including free bereavement camp for children and teens. Located in Palo Alto 

Josie’s Place 

Peer support groups for children and teens grieving the death of a parent, sibling, close relative, or friend. Located in San Francisco

Traumatic Brain Injury Support

Schurig Center for Brain Injury Recovery

In person and remote rehabilitation and support services for those living with brain injury, including family members and caregivers. Located in Marin County

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Trauma Recovery Center 

Support groups, education, and case management help for patients, families and caregivers. Located in San Francisco 

Online-Only Support and Resources

General information about concussion symptoms and treatment.

Advocacy, information, and support focused on female concussion recovery.

Online support groups and resources for individuals and caregivers.

Online forums and resources for Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Concussion Syndrome.

Peer support, individual, and family classes, online forums and resources.