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Emotional Support

We Understand

After a crash, your world is changed forever. Your thoughts and feelings may shift from minute to minute or hour by hour, and you could feel out of control.

You may question yourself or feel lost, not knowing what to do next or who to contact. Because there is no way to prepare for this, many people find traumatic grief to be uncharted territory.

As people who have experienced the same kind of trauma, we are here to listen and can refer you to other resources and support.

1:1 Support

Families for Safe Streets connects crash survivors and bereaved families with a peer support volunteer who has been through a similar experience. Our volunteers are dedicated to helping others survive this life-altering tragedy. The role of a volunteer is to listen and support the victim or family member as only a person who has shared this experience can do. Contact us to be connected with a member of Families for Safe Streets.

In-Person Group Support

If you are seeking support from others who have lost a loved one, and those suffering traumatic crash-related injuries, many groups already exist throughout the Bay Area. We can link you to these resources, which offer structured, supportive peer environments. Contact us for details.

Online Support

We understand that you may initially find online support most helpful or accessible. Ongoing, online peer support can be immensely validating of your normal reactions to trauma and a source of many healing ideas and resources. You can find Families for Safe Streets on Facebook.

Here are other websites you may find helpful:

Support Organizations in the Bay Area

In the aftermath of a traumatic experience, it can be daunting to search for local resources for emotional support on your own. Families for Safe Streets have put together a collection of Bay Area-focused supportive resources to help you through the process.