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Pedestrian Crash Checklist

Next Steps After a Traffic Crash

Depending on the circumstances and severity of the traffic crash you were involved in, you may need to take additional steps including: 

  • Contact hospital support services. Hospitals provide many beneficial support services including patient advocates, social workers, and clergy. These people can help you to understand hospital regulations, insurance requirements, and paperwork, plus help you to advocate for specific care and services.
  • Contact San Francisco Victim Services at the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office. They provide round-the-clock information and help to victims including legal guidance, crisis counseling, and assistance with medical expenses, attorney’s fees, and funeral arrangements. They can also connect you to other resources if need be. (628) 652-4100 or
  • Consult an attorney/s. If you are severely injured, you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible. Attorneys in crash-related cases are usually paid on a  “contingency” basis, meaning they only get paid if they collect money for you. View our list of pedestrian-friendly lawyers in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Here are additional resources from the District Attorney’s Advocacy program. 

Getting the Emotional Support You Need

San Francisco Bay Area Families for Safe Streets is a group of survivors and families whose loved ones have been killed or injured by preventable crashes on our streets. The group has a wide range of emotional support resources. You can also reach out to the group at any time

Families for Safe Streets receives support and guidance from Walk San Francisco.