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Fix Your Street

Do you know a San Francisco street that needs to be safer?

First, be sure to check out our campaigns to see if we’re working to fix your street. If we are, join us!

Otherwise, here are some common safety issues and how you can take action.

Is there a car parked illegally on the sidewalk? Do you want a stop sign added or a crosswalk painted?

You can make requests or report problems with 311. Download the app, call 311, or tweet @sf311. 311 is increasingly used by the City for determining where street and sidewalk improvements happen, so don’t be shy!

Is traffic moving too fast?

Learn how to apply to the City’s Residential Traffic Calming Program. You’ll need to get signatures of at least 20 neighbors, and the deadline each year is June 30.

Also be sure your representative in local government knows about your street safety issue and your application for traffic calming. Contact your Supervisor.

Are streets around your child’s school unsafe for walking?

Thanks to Walk SF’s advocacy, San Francisco has 15-mile per hour speed limits around all 181 schools in the city. Unfortunately, wide streets are exempt, and without actual changes to the street to reduce fast speeds, drivers may speed anyway. Apply to the Residential Traffic Calming Program and again, contact your Supervisor.

One of the best ways to make your street safer – and all streets safer – is as a Walk San Francisco member.

Step up your pedestrian advocacy and join Walk SF today!