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Girl Waiting to Cross Street in Walk San Francisco

Tell state leaders to let us reduce speed limits on key streets.

Slow Our Streets

We know that the faster a vehicle is going, the more likely its driver is to cause a traffic crash – and to severely injure or kill the person who is hit.  One of the most powerful things we can do to make everyone safer on our streets is to reduce speeds. That’s why with your help, we will launch the Slow Our Streets campaign in 2020.

The Slow Our Streets campaign will push for every possible way to bring an end to unsafe speeds across the city. 

  • Hold the SF Police Department accountable for enforcement of dangerous driving behavior, especially speed. Right now, the SFPD’s citation numbers do not come close to matching the challenge at hand. The SFPD is also doing nothing in terms of strategically focusing enforcement on the most dangerous streets. We need to be a constant presence at the Police Commission and working with the Mayor’s Office, pushing for real speed enforcement now.
  • Get real traction on speed safety cameras. By the end of 2020, New York City will have more than 2,000 speed safety cameras blanketing the city. Just imagine what a difference this could make for walking in San Francisco. We need to quickly move forward state legislation to allow these cameras in San Francisco. We believe 2020 could be the year to get momentum on legislation for speed safety cameras – but only if we’re able to bring together a broad coalition of support and have a stronger presence at the State Capitol.
  • Win more street safety improvements that will slow vehicles. Last year, we won the city’s first raised intersection (coming to Page Street in 2020!). We need to make this the first of many. We also must watchdog all of the City’s major and “quick build” street improvement projects  so they include serious changes to protect pedestrians and encourage safe, slow driving.

And there’s so much more we need to do. We think that 20 MPH is plenty on all residential streets in San Francisco. The speed limits on commercial streets should also be reduced, as many are designated high-injury and have very high numbers of people walking and biking on them. Like speed safety cameras, this requires state legislation and this is looking to be a tough uphill climb in 2020. Yet we have to quickly pursue every possible solution to slow our streets.

Slowing our streets will save lives and reduce severe injuries. If you feel the urgency for us to do everything possible to bring down speeds ASAP, please give generously to the Slow Our Streets campaign.