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Ask SFMTA to do all in their power to slow our streets in 2021.

Ask SFMTA to act now to Slow Our Streets

Every 15 hours on average, someone is taken to San Francisco General Hospital after being severely injured in a traffic crash. We continue to lose precious lives to traffic crashes 29 in 2020. 

Speed is the #1 contributor to severe and fatal traffic crashes on our streets. That’s why speed must be the #1 focus of city leaders as they work to end these tragedies. And many changes can happen now to Slow Our Streets. 

Join Walk SF in asking SFMTA Director Jeffrey Tumlin to take three key actions to Slow Our Streets in 2021:

  • Use all existing authority to lower speed limits on high-injury streets. We need the proposed 25 MPH “Senior Zones” on Bush, Sunnydale, Geary, 19th Avenue, and Brotherhood Way to become a reality! 
  • Launch a comprehensive, data-driven speed management program as part of the upcoming Vision Zero Action Strategy. We need to know where speeds are the biggest problem, what’s proven the most effective in slowing speeds, and how the range of existing efforts (everything from speed humps to Slow Streets) complement each other (and where the gaps are!).
  • Dramatically expand ‘left turn calming’. This powerful (and affordable) tool to slow vehicles and better protect pedestrians in the crosswalk can’t wait years to become widespread on our streets.  

Banner image: Ching Wong