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Help win support for AB 342, the Safe Streets Act, which will authorize San Francisco and San Jose to pilot safety cameras, a proven, cost-effective solution  to reduce speeding and prevent crashes.

To save lives, sign the AB 342 petition.

About Us

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Alvin Lester, sharing the story of his son Arman at World Day of Remembrance – November 21, 2016

San Francisco Bay Area Families for Safe Streets (SFBA FSS) is a volunteer group of individuals who have personally survived a severe traffic crash, or whose loved ones have been killed or seriously injured in a traffic crash. Together, the SFBA FSS members are committed to preventing these devastating crashes from taking a toll on additional families.

The SFBA FSS group is working to support Vision Zero, the policy adopted by San Francisco and other municipalities to end all traffic deaths and serious injuries (by 2024 in San Francisco). The group advocates for the policy, engineering, enforcement, and education solutions that will be the most effective in improving safety on our streets for everyone who walks, bikes, takes transit, or drives.

In early 2016, the group was organized as a local chapter of Families for Safe Streets, a group that started in New York City, to provide local assistance to others in the Bay Area dealing with similar experiences and to win the adoption of Walk SF Automated Speed Enforcement Fact Sheet — a proven technology to save lives by addressing the leading cause of serious and fatal traffic injuries: speeding.

In turning their grief into action, the members of SFBA Families for Safe Streets have come together as a group to prevent the tragedies they experienced from being repeated.


Support Services

The SFBA Families for Safe Streets Peer Support Network provides crash victims and bereaved families with a connection to a peer support volunteer who has been through a similar experience. The SFBA Families for Safe Streets also meets monthly, to discuss and pursue Vision Zero advocacy efforts.

To learn more, or be connected with a member of the SFBA Families for Safe Streets, call (415) 431-9255, ext. 1 or send an e-mail.


Family and Survivor Resources

In the aftermath of a traumatic experience, it can be daunting to search for resources on your own. The SFBA FSS offers the following collection of supportive resources to help you through the process:


Support Families for Safe Streets

Make a tax-deductible donation through the Walk SF Foundation to direct your gift to support the advocacy and support services provided by the members of the SFBA Families for Safe Streets. To designate your gift, choose ‘SFBA Families for Safe Streets’ from the drop-down lists, when filling out the Walk SF Foundation form.

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Contact Us

Email: sfbafamiliesforsafestreets@walksf.org

Phone: (415) 431-9255, ext. 1