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Safe Routes for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Our streets should be safe for everyone: no matter your age or ability. Yet we know that seniors are five times more likely to be killed in traffic. They also make up at least 50% of all pedestrians killed each year, even though they are only 15% of San Francisco’s population.

This inequity cannot stand. That’s why Walk SF’s harnessing the strength of senior and disability voices to win big safety changes on streets across the city – and especially on our most dangerous streets.

Our Work

Safe Streets for Seniors and People with Disabilities

We help empower seniors and people with disabilities to be safe streets advocates.

Our trainings (like this one) take participants on walk audits to analyze neighborhood safety conditions. We then teach about proven streetscape solutions that prevent crashes and how to successfully advocate for changes to City decision-makers. We also bring staff from the SFMTA with us on these trainings so they hear first-hand what the most vulnerable road users need to be safe and comfortable.


Vision Zero

We lead the Vision Zero Coalition’s Senior and Disability Workgroup. This workgroup is the only citywide body working on Vision Zero policy with the focus on seniors and people with disabilities.


We partner with senior and disability rights groups on key campaigns

For example, our work with Senior & Disability Action and the Transit Justice Group yielded a huge win: the length of pedestrian crossing signals at every light throughout the city will be increased!

Thanks to the San Francisco Department of Public Health and the Metta Fund for support of our Safe Routes for Seniors work.