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Safe Routes to Transit

Every Transit Rider is a Pedestrian

The safety of pedestrians and transit riders has tremendous overlap – after all, you’re a pedestrian right up until you get on the bus and once you get off.

Unfortunately, people who walk to transit may be more susceptible to traffic violence. Many of San Francisco’s most heavily utilized transit routes, such as the 14-Mission, 38-Geary and 8-Bayshore, also have the highest rates of traffic collisions and deaths.

People who ride transit, especially those who depend on it such as youth, seniors, and people with disabilities, deserve truly safe routes to transit.

Winning Changes to Create Safe Routes to Transit

That’s why Walk San Francisco teamed up with San Francisco Transit Riders. We want to be sure the voices of transit riders are heard in the city’s efforts to create safer streets.

Our joint Safe Routes to Transit campaign engages transit riders in shaping and winning the changes needed to achieve Vision Zero.

Thanks to the TransitCenter for supporting our Safe Routes to Transit initiative.

Banner image: Michael Halberstadt