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Ask city leaders to refocus the City on Vision Zero

Vision Zero

The Goal: Eliminating All Severe and Fatal Traffic Crashes by 2024

San Francisco can and should be the safest, most walkable city in the United States. Yet every day, at least 3 people on average are hit by cars while walking in our city.

We have seen unbelievably tragic losses over the years. These tragedies, among far too many others, led Walk San Francisco and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition to bring together a coalition of community groups to urge the City to truly prioritize traffic safety on our streets and achieve Vision Zero: eliminating all severe and fatal traffic crashes. Learn about our current Vision Zero campaign – and get involved.

Due to our advocacy, in 2014 San Francisco was the second city in the United States to adopt Vision Zero, a 10-year goal to end all severe and fatal traffic crashes by 2024. The Mayor’s Office, the Board of Supervisors, the District Attorney, and nearly every city agency pledged support in reaching Vision Zero.

Today, San Francisco has made many changes to our streets in pursuit of Vision Zero, but not nearly as quickly or boldly as needed. That’s why every day – and with your help – we advocate for city agencies and leaders to act aggressively to make life-saving changes to our city’s deadliest streets. Learn more about our campaigns.

We also lead the Vision Zero Coalition, which includes more than 35 community-based organizations, nonprofits, and civic groups representing communities across the city, and especially those most impacted by traffic deaths, including low-income communities and communities of color, seniors, and people with disabilities.

We need every possible voice urging our city to act boldly and quickly to reach Vision ZeroTake action in support of Vision Zero now!

We believe that no loss of life is acceptable on our streets.

Watch this video and we think you’ll agree.

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Banner image: William McLeod