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The Embarcadero

A Beautiful But Dangerous Place for Pedestrians

San Francisco’s waterfront promenade, the Embarcadero, is an iconic and beautiful part of our city. But if you walk on the Embarcadero, it’s no surprise that much of the street is part of the city’s high-injury network. Traffic collisions are frequent, and the sidewalk space itself is often chaotic and dangerous.

Improvements Are in Motion… But Not Fast Enough

For too long, plans to improve safety on the Embarcadero have struggled to gain traction due to interagency conflicts. We know too well that when projects are delayed, people die. Sadly, it took the tragic death of pedicab driver Kevin Manning in 2018 for the pace of the Embarcadero Enhancement Project to quicken.

We are working actively to shape safety improvements to the Embarcadero so that they include:

  • Corner bulb-outs to increase pedestrian visibility, reduce crossing distance, and slow turning vehicles
  • Pedestrian head-start signals and pedestrian “scrambles”
  • Removal of double left-turn lanes
  • Reduced lane widths, to slow vehicles
  • Widening of the sidewalk on the west side of the street

Help us win an Embarcadero that’s safe for everyone – and for improvements to happen soon.

Join our Embarcadero campaign and be alerted of upcoming decisions we need you to speak out on.

Banner image: William McLeod