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Taylor Street

Traffic Collisions Are All Too Common

Every street in the Tenderloin neighborhood is on the high-injury network. On Taylor Street in the Tenderloin between Market and Sutter, someone walking or biking is injured in a traffic collision an average of once each month. According to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), more than 50% of injury collisions along this part of Taylor involve pedestrians, with most resulting from a driver failing to yield while turning.

Designing a Safer Street

As part of the SFMTA planning process for the Safer Taylor Street project to improve traffic safety, Walk San Francisco helped bring community voices into decision making in new and powerful ways.

We partnered with Tenderloin Safe Passage, Fehr & Peers, and the SFMTA to host a series of nine “pop-ups” where we went out to the sidewalks to directly capture feedback from the people who live in the Tenderloin and use Taylor Street every day. Learn more about this new outreach approach.

This community input directly shaped the final design of the Safer Taylor Street project, adopted in February 2018, which includes:

  • Intersection improvements such as wider high-visibility crosswalks, bulb-outs, pedestrian head-start signals, accessible curb ramps, and dedicated turn signals
  • Lane reductions on certain blocks of the corridor to manage speeds and reduce pedestrian crossing distances
  • Widened sidewalks to improve the pedestrian experience along Taylor Street
  • Mid-block improvements such as trees, benches, and pedestrian-scale lighting

A Safer Taylor Is Coming

In October 2018, the SFMTA Board gave final approval of the Safer Taylor Street Safety project. We can’t wait to see these life-saving changes happen!

Banner image: William McLeod