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7th Street

Some Improvements to This SoMa Street, But More Needed

7th Street is one of the city’s most dangerous streets, especially due to significant vehicle traffic coming on and off the highway at Harrison and Bryant.

In support of the city’s Vision Zero initiative, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) completed some important near-term safety improvements on 7th and 8th Streets in 2018.

We were very supportive of the removal of a lane of traffic from Market to Cleveland in order to bring safer intersections and sidewalks to this stretch of 7th, plus adding protected bike lanes. We also worked closely with the SFMTA, as part of our work with the Vision Zero Senior and Disability Workgroup, to make sure the protected bike lanes were safe and accessible for pedestrians.

The SFMTA now plans to improve 7th Street from Cleveland to Townsend, which includes the especially dangerous section of 7th with highway entrances and exits. We’ll be working hard to make sure the same important safety improvements are included along this stretch of 7th.

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Banner image: William McLeod