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Your voice needed at July 18 SFMTA meeting to bring urgency to fixing deadly streets

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With the support of our members, Walk SF continues to push the City to do everything in its power to end severe and fatal crashes on our streets.

One of the most important things we won is a commitment by the City to bring safety fixes to every ‘high-injury’ street by the end of 2024. (Read more about what Walk SF and partners won in the City’s latest Vision Zero Action Strategy.)

How will the City meet this critical commitment?

On Tuesday, July 18, the SFMTA Board meeting will focus on Vision Zero, including the SFMTA’s latest thinking in how they plan to bring ‘Vision Zero Quick Build’ projects to over 50 miles of high-injury streets that still await safety fixes.

Join us at this important SFMTA Board meeting to hear the details on Quick Build plans – and make sure that SFMTA leadership hears why this must be be an agency priority, with the resources and attention it needs to succeed.

You can join me in-person at City Hall (which has greater impact) or call in. We’ll share talking points and keep you posted about this agenda item.

In 2021 and 2022, the SFMTA fell far short of its commitment with the number of ‘Vision Zero Quick Build’ projects completed. We want to hear on Tuesday, July 18th exactly how SFMTA will get back on track.

Our voices will bring urgency and accountability – so I hope you can speak out on the 20th!

NOTE: We previously shared that this meeting was going to happen on June 6 and then June 20. The Quick Build agenda item is now going to happen on July 18.

Questions? Contact Becca at

Three volunteers standing on a Tenderloin street. One is holding a speed radar device and another is writing information down in a clipboard.