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Starting 2013 off on the Right Foot

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As 2012 drew to a close, Mayor Edwin M. Lee joined the SFMTA, the SFPD, and the San Francisco Department of Public Health to announce that the near completion of a draft Pedestrian Strategy.

After the City suffered 2012’s 19th pedestrian fatality on Thursday, December 20, this was a great first step in reaffirming the city’s much needed commitment to pedestrian safety.

New York already has a plan, and so does Chicago.  Isn’t it time for San Francisco to finalize, publish and adopt its own Pedestrian Strategy that sets measurable goals in place to fix the city’s most dangerous streets and finally stop these preventable deaths?

Walk SF has kept the pressure on and the Mayor is finally promising a plan — now you can join Walk SF today to make the Pedestrian Strategy happen, make it strong, and hold the city accountable!

Begin your new year on the right foot, help win a strong and effective Pedestrian Strategy to fix 50 miles of San Francisco’s most dangerous streets and meet the Mayor’s goals.  If you agree it’s time for the city to step up:

Your gift will support Walk SF’s efforts to calm traffic on wide, fast arterials like Geary, and create more sidewalk space and greening with innovative projects like the Powell Promenade.

For the city to meet its goal to reduce serious or fatal pedestrian injuries by 25 percent by 2016 and 50 percent by 2021, it will require more than physical improvements alone — strategic police enforcement will also be critical. Help Walk SF demand that the SFPD use data to prevent traffic crimes just like any other crimes.

San Francisco can lead the way to make the most sustainable mode of transportation — walking — safe and comfortable for your family, your friends and yourself…and you can help!