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Give a Year-end Gift that Counts

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If you haven’t made your gift to Walk San Francisco yet, now’s the time! Walk SF needs your support to meet the year-end, matching challenge.

Year-end GiftTo double the impact of your year-end gift, donate by Monday, December 31 to help Walk SF win a Pedestrian Action Plan in 2013.  Each dollar you can give before the end of the year will be matched by a special group of dedicated members.  The more you give, the more they’ll match

Like you, these members are passionate about walkable, livable streets and they want to support Walk SF’s campaign.  New York already has a plan, and so does  Chicago.  Tragically, the city saw its 18th pedestrian fatality on Monday, December 10.  Isn’t it time for San Francisco to publish and adopt a Pedestrian Action Plan that sets measurable goals in place to fix the city’s most dangerous streets and finally stop these preventable deaths?

If you agree it’s time for the city to step up, this group of special members hopes you’ll be inspired to donate more to meet this matching challenge.

Can you help us meet this challenge by donating today? Make your year-end gift to Walk SF now.

The more Walk SF can raise by the end of the year, the more impact Walk SF’s staff can have in speaking up for you to demand an effective Pedestrian Action Plan in 2013.

Please, maximize your impact by leveraging your gift in the year-end matching challenge. Donate now.

Thank you for helping Walk SF reclaim our streets as shared public space for everyone to safely enjoy.