Walk to Win!

Walk to Work Day Contests


On Walk to Work Day, enter one of our contests to win a prize in one of these categories:

  • Longest Walking Commute:

    How long is your walking commute? On April 5, walk waaaaay in to work and then tell us how far you went. Last year, our winner walked 8 miles! How far will you walk to win?

  • Most Interesting Sight:

    Walks in San Francisco are never dull, whether it’s the views, the architecture, or the outfits of folks around you. Tell us what you discovered, and win!

  • Best Shoe Bling:

    Check out 2015’s winning entry at right! Glam out your feet for walking the streets, and win a prize that is utterly fabulous, just like you.

  • Golden Millipede:

    Do you have a big team at your workplace doing Walk to Work Day? Like, really big? Enter to win this prize for the biggest team participating!


Thanks to Sports Basement, Exploratorium, Stork’s Skin Therapy, Iron & Gold, Mission Pie, La Méditerranée, and Mariposa Baking Company for providing the prizes for our Walk to Work Day contests!

Walk to Work Day 2018 is
Thursday April 5

Sign up HERE to walk

(and enter to win prizes too!)

Find your closest Walk Hub and stop by April 5 for free coffee, lights, tote bags + more: