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Market Street Action

Ask city leaders to make Market Street a safe, people-first space – ASAP

Market Street is San Francisco’s busiest pedestrian street, with half a million people walking on it every day. Yet Market Street is also one of the most dangerous places to walk, especially at many of the cross streets.

At last, we have a chance to make Market Street the grand boulevard it should be for people walking, biking, and taking transit.

The City is scheduled to approve the ‘Better Market Street’ project this fall. This is our chance to make every crosswalk safer for pedestrians, so we must ensure the project does this!

We also believe that now is the time to finally remove private vehicles from Steuart Street near the Ferry Building to Van Ness Avenue – and the City can make this happen in 2019.

We have waited too many years to bring the necessary safety changes to Market Street. We must put the pressure on city leaders to move forward quickly to transform Market Street now.

Ask key city leaders to move forward quickly to transform Market Street.

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Banner image: Michael Halberstadt