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Call State Senator Becker before Tuesday afternoon to urge support for SB 961, a bold bill for safer streets

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Speed is the #1 cause of severe and fatal crashes in San Francisco and California. With people driving larger, more powerful, and heavier vehicles, the stakes are getting higher every day.

Walk SF is a proud and official sponsor of SB 961, a bill authored by Senator Scott Wiener to require all cars and trucks manufactured or sold in California starting in 2027 (except emergency vehicles) to have ‘Intelligent Speed Assistance’ technology. Vehicles would give an audio and visual warning to the driver when the vehicle is being operated in excess of the speed limit, like many European vehicles already have.

SB 961 also includes a much-needed and overdue requirement for large trucks exceeding 10,000 pounds manufactured, sold, or registered in the state to have side underride guards. Underride guards can prevent pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists from being swept under and run over by a large truck’s rear wheels.

SB 961 faces its first vote on Tuesday, April 23 in the Senate Transportation Committee.

Walk SF is going to Sacramento to share our support directly with Committee members. But we’ve learned that Senator Becker is on the fence in supporting SB 961. Senator Becker represents South San Francisco, Redwood City, and Mountain View.

Please take a quick minute to call his Sacramento office at (916) 651-4013 to share:

  • Your name
  • Where you’re calling from
  • A quick sentence about why the need to bring down dangerous speeds matters to you
  • And then ask Senator Becker to please support SB 961!

If SB 961 passes, it would save countless lives, and likely affect the entire American automobile industry. (Note: All new European vehicles will have ‘Intelligent Speed Assistance’ starting this summer.)

Nothing is more important to reducing the likelihood and severity of a crash than bringing down speeds. We have a speeding epidemic here and nationwide, and every possible street design and enforcement technology solution is needed to address this.

Thank you for your using your voice for safe streets!

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Banner image by Emily Huston