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Advocacy Alert for Safe Streets for Seniors

Call on San Francisco to strengthen its Vision Zero approach to turn the tide on traffic deaths.

Three years into Vision Zero, there have been no significant reductions in the number of people killed or severely injured.

Every 17 hours in San Francisco, someone is killed or severely injured in a crash. Twenty-five people have already been killed in 2016, including 14 people walking. The need for action is more urgent than ever to prevent crashes from continuing to claim the lives and health of people in our city.

Stand with Walk SF, the Vision Zero Coalition and everyone affected by traffic violence, to call on San Francisco city leaders to adopt the necessary policy choices to prevent daughters, fathers, brothers, and friends from being killed or seriously injured the city’s most dangerous streets.

Let state and city leaders know, enough is enough!

With only seven years remaining, the City must intensify the progress made in the first three years of its ten-year Vision Zero goal to put an end to deaths and serious, life-changing injuries by 2024.

Urge the City to adopt to the five key strategies highlighted in Walk SF’s Street Score 2016 in its forthcoming Vision Zero Two-Year Action Strategy update and in their broader work related to walking:

Watch “There’s Always a Way” and join us in the demand for safe streets for seniors; sign the petition to lend your voice to the movement to achieve Vision Zero:

Safe Streets for Seniors


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