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Advocacy Alert for ASE Vote in the Assembly

AB 342: the Safe Streets Act of 2017, will face its second hearing next week at the State Capitol in Sacramento, and while it passed the Privacy Committee by a vote of six to four on Tuesday, April 18 — opposition forces continue to attack this effort to save lives!

Your voice is critical! Help reach the Assemblymembers on the Transportation Committee, before they hear the bill on Monday, April 24!

AB 342 allows San Francisco and San Jose to run a five-year, automated speed enforcement (ASE) pilot program to save lives. ASE is a proven tool that’s widely accepted by academics, public health professionals, and the public to reduce speeding and save lives. Safety cameras are used in 142 U.S. jurisdictions currently, yet they are still illegal in the State of California.

AB 342 simply allows San Francisco and San Jose to opt into using safety cameras, one of the best available tools for saving lives.

For the past two years, Walk SF has championed the safety camera policy in partnership with members, City leaders, community partners and the San Francisco Bay Area Families for Safe Streets, but opposition forces are raising false claims that put these efforts to save lives in jeopardy.

Facts matter, and the facts on ASE are clear!

Safety cameras successfully reduce speeding and save lives.

Please sign and share the petition to urge the members of the Transportation Committee to make their policy decisions based on the facts. Most of all, tell them they must put safety over speed. Urge them vote to both protect and save the lives of everyone who travels on our roads.

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ASE - Transportation Committee of the Assembly

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