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Join Walk San Francisco to put an end to preventable traffic deaths, improve public health, and fight climate change. Demand safer, greener, and more walkable streets as a member of the only nonprofit who speaks up for you when you walk.

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Vision Zero/Pedestrian Safety: In San Francisco, more than 800 people are hit by cars every year; 100 people are seriously injured or killed annually. Walk SF, and a coalition of over three dozen community groups, are calling on the City to implement Vision Zero, mandating goals for engineering, enforcement, and education to eliminate ALL serious and fatal traffic injuries in San Francisco by 2024. Vision Zero builds on over a decade of work that has applied data and strategic media to educate and inform city leaders about the importance of prioritizing pedestrian safety and traffic justice in San Francisco. Through Walk SF’s pedestrian safety work, the organization successfully laid the foundation for Vision Zero by informing and advocating for the following key accomplishments:

  • Streetscore, released in April 2014, as an annual report card on the funding and implementation progress of  the Vision Zero policy, WalkFirst Plan, and the Pedestrian Strategy.
  • The WalkFirst Plan, released in early 2014, which builds on the Pedestrian Strategy and includes a data-driven list of pedestrian safety engineering improvements to fix the city’s most dangerous streets for pedestrians. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is currently installing these improvements as an element of Vision Zero.
  • The development and release of the Mayor’s Pedestrian Strategy in 2013, which outlines a strategy to achieve the 2010 Pedestrian Safety Executive Directive.
  • The release of the Mayor’s Pedestrian Safety Executive Directive in 2010, calling for a 50% reduction in severe and fatal pedestrian injuries by 2021.

Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS): As a member of the San Francisco Safe Routes to School Partnership,  advocates for lower speed limit zones and safe walking passages to schools, and provides resources to empower families and school staff to encourage walking, biking, taking transit, and ride-sharing to enhance students’ health by increasing physical activity, reducing traffic around schools, and protecting the environment. In addition, to increase the number of children and families who walk and bike to school by five percent from September 2014 to June 2017, Walk SF also hosts Walk & Roll to School Day each year in October.

Walkability: To increase the number of minutes San Franciscans spend walking each day, Walk SF promotes efforts to encouraging walking and make walking more enjoyable. Walk SF helped develop the recently adopted Green Connections plan, a citywide network of safe, traffic calmed and ecologically sustainable streets to connect people to parks and the waterfront. In 2014, Walk SF demonstrated an Intersection Mural project, where members of the public designed and painted murals at Sunday Streets (a monthly open streets event held in various neighborhoods across the city), helping to reclaim streets as shared public spaces for everyone to enjoy. In 2015, Walk SF will kick off a campaign to create a permanent Intersection Mural program. Walk SF also hosts an annual Walk to Work Day encouragement event each April, an annual, 12+ mile urban trek called Peak2Peak, and monthly walks for members, led by local volunteer walk leaders from the community, to highlight the benefits and pleasures of traveling by foot in one of the U.S. cities ranked by highest by Walkscore for walkability.

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