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Pedestrian-First Streets

The Goal: Be the Most Pedestrian-Friendly City in the Country

We want to make San Francisco the most pedestrian-friendly city in the United States. Not only do we believe this is possible, it is paramount for our growing city. San Francisco’s future as a healthy, equitable, climate-friendly, and competitive city depends on it.

San Francisco has so many of the ingredients needed to be a pedestrian-first city, besides our mild climate and compact design.

  • Our city has adopted Vision Zero, plus has a Transit-First policy that prioritizes street improvements that enhance walking, bicycling, and public transit as an alternative to automobile use.
  • We are innovative in how we use our streets. Car-free events like Sunday Streets and the pavement-to-parks movement are inspiring examples.
  • Millions of people are already walking. More than 884,000 residents, 265,000 weekday commuters, and 24.6 million visitors walk in the city each year.

How We Must Prioritize People Walking

San Francisco’s sidewalks, streets, and public space are not yet designed, built, and managed to serve the millions of people walking in our city.

That’s why beyond our work to fix the city’s most dangerous streets and create safe routes for all, we also work on: