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A car-free Great Highway is going to the November ballot!

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Earlier today, Mayor Breed and Supervisors Engardio and Melgar – with the support of Supervisors Preston, Dorsey, Mandelman, and Safaí – are sponsoring a measure on the November 5 ballot that would make the Great Highway car-free every day, forever!

The Great Walkway has proven a popular, needed, and incredible place for people – one we don’t want to lose. If what we like to call the ‘Great Walkway’ were made car-free permanently, 24-7, it could realize its potential as an oceanside park for all like you see in the rendering above.

A permanent, car-free Great Highway would be a major and historic step toward the kind of San Francisco where all our streets truly prioritize people.

Like with JFK Promenade campaigns, it’s going to take a lot of organizing, outreach, and YOU to get this across the finish line… especially when we know there will be opposition.

Our friends at Great Highway Park are leading this campaign. Read their official press release for more about the ballot measure.

Banner image: CMG Landscape Architecture