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A big moment for speed cameras is coming up March 19 – join us at City Hall

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Big news: the locations of 33 speed cameras to be piloted on San Francisco streets will be shared on Tuesday, March 19 at 1:00PM at the SFMTA Board of Directors meeting.

Join us at City Hall in Room 400 on March 19 for this public hearing to speak in support of the SFMTA’s work launching speed cameras ASAP and as strategically as possible.

Your voice is crucial for two reasons:

  • City leaders, the media, and the broader public need to hear why speed cameras are strongly supported by San Francisco residents. So many of us are feeling the threat of dangerous speeds. Speed continues to be the #1 cause of severe and fatal crashes in San Francisco. Our stories must get out over these next months, especially as many residents will be learning about speed cameras for the first time.
  • Speed cameras can usher in a new era for safe speeds if the City takes additional actions at the same time – and we need to get that message across. Speed cameras are just one of many proven solutions to slow drivers, and the City is still underutilizing many that could really amplify the effectiveness of speed cameras. Because we need speeds to come down everywhere, not just on 33 streets. Help echo this on March 19.

This is a big moment with even bigger potential to #SlowOurStreets. So please, join us on March 19!

If San Francisco can slow speeds citywide, we will see significantly fewer crashes – and lives will be saved. Vision Zero will come back into focus.

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Also, here’s the link for details on the SFMTA Board meeting. The agenda and presentation will go live on March 15, so you’ll be able to see the list of speed camera locations then.

Support Walk SF’s #SlowOurStreets campaign with a donation today.

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