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Demand the City fix deadly intersections by giving public comment at upcoming meetings

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We need your voice on September 19 and 26

Within the past month, three pedestrians have been killed at intersections near freeway on/off ramps. One was the four-year-old child at 4th and King.

Walk SF has called on City leaders to take three actions to fix deadly intersections.

Despite rallying and sending a flood of emails, we’ve yet to get a commitment on even one of our asks.

So we need you to say to City leaders directly: the people demand meaningful action now to fix deadly intersections.

Two upcoming public meetings are prime opportunities to do this during public comment either in-person or via phone.

  • The Tuesday, September 19 1PM SFMTA Board meeting at City Hall (Room 400). This is a chance to get our message straight to Board members and to SFMTA Director Jeffery Tumlin.
  • The Tuesday, September 26 10AM SFCTA meeting at City Hall (Room 250). This is a chance to get our message to City Supervisors and have SFMTA leadership hear it again.

Please RSVP for one or both meetings, and we’ll share talking points and more.

And thank you. Our City must do more to protect us. But whether that happens depends in part on all of us demanding action.

That’s why this is a moment where we must be loud.

Banner image by Emily Huston from the August 22 action at 4th and King, where a four-year-old child was hit and killed in the intersection on August 15.