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We must pass Measure L on November 8 to continue core funding source for safe streets

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On November 8, San Francisco voters will face a very long ballot with over 20 city and state ballot measures.

One measure is critically important for every single mode of transportation in our city, as well as safe streets projects: Proposition L.

Walk SF is 100% Yes on Prop L this November. (And as you’ve already heard from us, we’re also 100% Yes on Prop J, No on Prop I, and Yes on Prop N). Because Prop L needs at least 66.67% YES votes, we have extra work to do this fall – and need your help!

What will Prop L do?

More than 30 years ago, voters passed a ½ cent sales tax for transportation that has since provided a core funding source for public transit (including Muni, BART, Caltrain, ferries, and paratransit) and street projects (including redesigning some of our most dangerous streets). These funds have leveraged billions of dollars in state and federal matching funds.

For example, it’s how the City has paid for major transportation projects like the Central Subway, Caltrain electrification, Geary and Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit, and the Presidio Parkway.

But now, the funding plan for the transportation sales tax is expiring. So Prop L is on the ballot to approve a new spending plan, and continue the ½ cent sales tax for transportation for 30 more years. 66.67% of voters must pass Prop L.

The new plan (see the chart below) shows how important Prop L is to public transportation and every street in San Francisco. And it’s critically important for pedestrian safety.

Prop L is the only way the City will be able to redesign the dozens and dozens of miles of dangerous streets, and do a range of projects to bring down deadly speeds and protect people crossing. Prop L includes more than $200 million specifically for these projects, plus additional funds for programs to make it safer for kids to get to school and for neighborhood-specific safety improvements.

If voters don’t pass Proposition L, it can’t be overstated how detrimental this would be – including for our safety.

Thanks for helping get the word out on Measure J. Learn more about the campaign, and contact Brian with questions at

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