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Join us February 12 to collect data on how fast drivers are really going

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Help find out how fast drivers are really going around Golden Gate Park and the Panhandle

We’ve all had those moments as pedestrians: when we witness a driver going way above the speed limits on our city streets. It can feel really scary.

And it is scary. Speed plays a huge role in the severity of traffic crashes – and whether they happen in the first place. It’s also especially dangerous for older adults: the risk of a car driving at 25mph to a 70-year-old pedestrian is equivalent to that of a 35mph car to a 30-year-old.

But beyond knowing that speed is the #1 cause of severe and fatal crashes in San Francisco, there isn’t much information on what’s really happening with dangerous speeds on our streets. We want to change that.

As part of Walk SF’s Slow Our Streets campaign in 2022 (and with your help!), we’re going to collect speed data across the city to show the scale of the problem. We’re starting on Saturday, February 12 from 1:00 – 3:00 PM, and you’re invited to join us.

Our first speed surveys: The Panhandle and Lincoln Way along Golden Gate Park

We’ll host our first community speed survey along two designated high-injury streets: Oak Street (along the Panhandle) and Lincoln Avenue (in the Inner Sunset). Both streets are thoroughfares with a lot of traffic that people must cross to enter Golden Gate Park.

The City is planning to bring some short-term safety fixes to both later this year. Knowing what’s happening with speed is hugely important in looking at potential solutions and deciding what we want to advocate for!

Volunteers like you are invited to join us for an afternoon of collecting speed data on Saturday, February 12 from 1:00 – 3:00PM. RSVP now.

We’ll meet at the Haight and Stanyan entrance of Golden Gate Park for a short training, and then groups of three volunteers will walk to locations on Oak Street and Lincoln Way to collect speed data.

We’ll provide everything needed – no prior knowledge or experience needed. This event is outdoors, and masks are required.

And yes, this is the same day as the rally to save car-free JFK Drive. We hope you can show support for permanent car-free space that morning, and then take action to slow our streets in the afternoon!

Questions? Email Walk San Francisco’s Vision Zero Organizer, Brian Haagsman at