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Get involved in the car-free JFK campaign right now!

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When you walk on car-free JFK Drive, how does it make you feel?

Imagine how you’d feel if it went away.

The fact is, two of the three long-term options the City is proposing would bring back vehicle traffic to part or all of JFK Drive.

Later this fall, the Board of Supervisors will vote on the future of JFK Drive. So now is when we must show overwhelming support for car-free space from Kezar to Transverse (including key accessibility improvements).

It’s crucial that every Supervisor hears from lots of constituents about how much car-free JFK means to them. We’ve set up a way for people to email their Supervisor.

But we also want to gather thousands of postcards from Supervisors’ constituents to deliver to City Hall in huge stacks. We can’t do this alone. Here’s how to help.

Volunteer at In-Person Events

We are coordinating volunteers to gather postcards at the following events:

  • Sunday, October 17, from 12PM-5PM at Sunday Streets events. These events are part of the citywide Phoenix Day. You can select one of five neighborhood events to help out at: the Mission, Bayview, Chinatown, Excelsior, or the Tenderloin. Sign up now.
  • Saturday, October 23, from 9AM-12PM on JFK Drive. We’ll stroll together with some fun signs as we get postcards signed. Kids are welcome! Sign up now.
  • Friday, October 29, from 5PM-7PM at Skatin’ Place on JFK Drive. The skating scene will be hoppin’ for Halloween and a great chance to get postcards signed! Sign up now.

BONUS: Volunteering is how you can score one of the limited number of car-free JFK t-shirts we’re offering.


Want to help out the campaign on your own schedule? Sign up to pick up a packet of postcards to have your friends and neighbors sign.

Or do you have a big event you’d like to go to with a huge stack of postcards? Great! Request an extra big stack of postcards.

When you’re done, you’ll simply return the postcards. We’ll hand-deliver them to Supervisors.

Data Entry

We’ll need help with a lot of data entry in late October through mid-November. If you can commit to completing 6+ hours within that time frame, we’d love your help. Sign up to be a data entry superstar!

Please and Thank You!

The only way this campaign will succeed is with people power, so please pitch in however you can. And of course donations of any size are a huge help!

To everyone who’s already signed up to help or made a donation to the car-free JFK Drive campaign, thank you!