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Car-free JFK in Golden Gate Park is permanent!

A huge victory for safety and everyone who walks

On April 26, 2022, after ten hours of public comment, the Board of Supervisors passed Mayor London Breed’s legislation to make 1.5-miles of safe, car-free space on JFK Drive permanent.

This historic win was a decades-long dream for many. An opportunity to make it a reality began when Mayor Breed created the 1.5-miles of car-free space on April 28, 2020 as a pandemic emergency measure so people could be active with social distancing. The car-free space proved incredibly popular, with more than 300,000 people using it each month.

As Walk SF’s executive director put it, “We live in a city where three people are hit every day while walking. We need safe space, it’s that simple. Now we have 1.5 miles of it in our biggest park.”

This victory is thanks to SO MANY people and organizations united in their love and support for a permanent car-free JFK (now officially named the JFK Promenade). Walk SF is especially grateful to our members for their support throughout, donating time and money to power our campaign.

This victory is also a defining one for our city prioritizing health, safety, and climate on our streets. Please let Mayor London Breed and Supervisors Matt Haney, Rafael Mandelman, Gordon Mar, Myrna Melgar, Dean Preston, Hillary Ronen, and Catherine Stefani know how grateful you are for their leadership.

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As a small nonprofit, the car-free JFK campaign was a BIG lift for us. So if you’re feeling grateful that you and future generations will have JFK Promenade forever, please consider a donation to Walk SF.

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