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A renewed focus on Vision Zero thanks to Norman Yee

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Board of Supervisors stands united for safe streets 

Late on Tuesday night, the Board of Supervisors stood together as one and recommitted our city to Vision Zero. They unanimously passed two resolutions to boost efforts to prevent traffic crashes on many fronts, including tackling dangerous speeds.

These are the right actions at the right time. And they’re all thanks to Board President Norman Yee. In his eight years serving as District 7 Supervisor, Yee has been a steadfast and passionate champion for safe streets.    

Norman Yee’s tenacious track record

Yee’s legacy with creating safe streets will continue long after he leaves office in January. From the drafting of the City’s Vision Zero policy in 2013 to telematics in city vehicles, action and accountability have been at the heart of his efforts

In shaping the City’s approach to Vision Zero, Yee established the Vision Zero Task Force to ensure all city agencies collaborate on traffic safety, as well as established the Vision Zero Committee of the SFCTA (which oversees transportation funds). Just last year he passed a resolution to dramatically increase daylighting, a simple solution to save lives. He founded the City’s Office of Emerging Technology so there is oversight and a sound path for technology like delivery robots are good corporate citizens when using our public spaces.

Yee understands that we are all far too vulnerable as pedestrians, and that San Francisco has the power to prevent the all-too-frequent tragedies on our streets. Yee himself was hit while crossing the street in 2006; he’s lucky to be alive. 

It’s why Yee wears his heart on his sleeve when he talks with people who have lost a loved one to traffic violence. It’s why he helped Walk SF found San Francisco Bay Area Families for Safe Streets in 2016 and has worked closely with the group. This group, made up of crash survivors and family members of people killed in crashes, is a powerful force for change (including the first push for speed safety cameras in 2016).

Board President Norman Yee will be at World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims this Sunday, November 15. He always is at this event: to stand in solidarity with victims and family members and to demand much more to be done to make our streets truly safe for all.

Thanking a dedicated public servant

I will greatly miss Yee in his role as Board President, and miss his whip smart staff. But as Yee himself said, he’s not done when it comes to fighting for safe streets. We’re so glad. Thank you, Board President Yee! 

Norman Yee speaking at the 2018 World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. Photo by William McLeod.