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We must protect the future of Market Street – add your voice by November 30

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City leaders recently went back to the drawing board when it comes to the Better Market Street plan due to budget constraints. Here at Walk SF, we continue to be deeply concerned about the proposed new plan for Market Street.  

We’re not alone. Many of you attended the recent public meetings, joining us in asking for the revised plan to stay true to the original and prioritize safety and create a people-first promenade.

Good news: the public comment period has been extended to November 30. That means if you haven’t yet sent a personal email to city leaders, you still can. And we need you to!

The City just launched a Better Market Street survey, so be sure to fill it out.

There are no questions specifically focused on pedestrian issues, but question #2 is a great place to ask for a specific plan for keeping private vehicles off Market Street and urge that pedestrian safety is made a priority.

Here’s what we’re most concerned about with the proposed new plan for Market Street: 

  1. There is no plan to keep private vehicles off Market Street. When it comes to protecting pedestrians, a car-free Market Street is the most important element of the plan. The City must design the street to deter private vehicles from turning onto Market Street, and can start piloting solutions now.
  2. Safe intersections need to be a primary focus in the new design, and they’re not. Five of the city’s top ten most dangerous intersections are on Market Street. The proposed new plan only shows new curb ramps and traffic signals, plus repaved crosswalks. These are not sufficient to to fix dangerous intersections, especially in terms of keeping crosswalks clear and slowing vehicles crossing Market, and deter cars from turning onto Market Street.

You can also send a personal email directly to city leaders.

The future of Market Street impacts the future of San Francisco. And getting this right could make Market Street a building block to our city’s post-COVID recovery.

We deserve a Market Street that meets the project’s goals for pedestrian and bicycle safety, improves Muni reliability and makes our city’s most important street a welcoming place for everyone. Read our joint letter with San Francisco Transit Riders and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

If enough of us speak out and demand more for Market Street, city leaders will have to take heed.