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Vote YES on A to invest in San Francisco sidewalks and streets (and more!)

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When San Franciscans receive our ballots in the mail next week, we have the chance to invest in safer streets for all by voting YES on Proposition A

Prop. A, the San Francisco Recovery Bond, would authorize over $400 million in funding for essential needs including parks, playgrounds, mental health, and supportive housing. More than $40 million of Prop. A funds would be dedicated to fixing sidewalks and streets.  

If Prop. A is passed, it will fill a critical gap in funding to complete installing sidewalk curb ramps at intersections incredibly important for people using wheelchairs. Prop. A will also provide much-needed funds to fix and maintain sidewalks, staircases, and plazas, as well as street resurfacing. 

As we face budget shortfalls and economic disruption, we remember that in past recessions, funding for improvements like these were the first to be cut. This only makes the costs grow exponentially in future years as sidewalks and streets got to even worse shape and needed more extensive repairs. By authorizing these bonds, Prop. A will keep this funding consistent without raising taxes. 

In addition to funding for streets, Prop. A will invest in other key crucial projects across our city. This includes park and playground improvements in previously underfunded areas of the city like India Basin in Bayview, Hertz Playground in Visitacion Valley, and Buchanan Mall in the Western Addition. 

Prop. A will also fund permanent supportive housing and shelters for the 8,000 unhoused San Franciscans, and create mental health facilities and substance abuse treatment services for those who need them most. 

Walk SF joins Mayor London Breed and the entire Board of Supervisors, the SF Democratic Party, SF Labor Council, the Sierra Club, and many other elected officials and organizations in endorsing Yes on A. Join us in voting Yes on A and help us get the word out by getting a free window sign or volunteering in these final weeks before November 3!