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3 pedestrian deaths in 5 weeks. Demand action on Tuesday 8/18 at 1PM.

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We cannot stand by as traffic fatalities surge

Enough is enough. Two children lost their father earlier this week when a reckless driver blew through a red light. In total, three people have lost their lives walking in the past five weeks alone. At this rate, we will surpass pedestrian fatalities in 2019, which was already an uptick from recent years.

Our city can and must do better.

At Tuesday’s SFMTA Board meeting at 1PM, we need as many people as possible to call in during public comment and state that inaction is unacceptable.

Hundreds of Walk SF supporters have been asking SFMTA Director Tumlin to act to prevent a surge in traffic crashes. But we’ve yet to see any meaningful actions for pedestrian safety. 

Our leaders must refocus on Vision Zero, and fully harness proven, life-saving solutions like red light cameras immediately. Cities around the world are taking bold actions to  prioritize pedestrian safety; San Francisco must do the same.

So if you share my heartbreak and frustration about the state of our streets for pedestrians, I hope you’ll use your voice to demand change on Tuesday.

RSVP to speak on Tuesday, August 18 and I’ll send you some info so it’s easy and quick for you to call in. And if you can’t make the SFMTA Board meeting, you can send your comments via email to Director Tumlin now using our online action form.

Thank you for standing with us for safe streets.

Make a gift now to power this work. Walk SF is a small nonprofit, which means your support makes a really big difference!