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Fatal crashes are rising in San Francisco. We can’t let them.

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The quiet streets we experienced from mid-March through May due to shelter in place orders are no longer. 

San Francisco’s traffic dropped an estimated 60% during shelter in place. But as some orders were lifted, traffic quickly rose. In June, traffic was up to levels that SFMTA anticipated wouldn’t be reached until August. Traffic is still rising.

Tragically, fatal traffic crashes are notably rising, too. And the three recent pedestrian deaths occurred on designated “high-injury” streets: the 13% of streets where 75% of traffic crashes happen in San Francisco. In other words, the streets that desperately need to be fixed. 

Now is the time for SFMTA to refocus on Vision Zero and usher in a new era of safe streets for everyone in San Francisco.

Join Walk SF in pushing SFMTA to implement fast, affordable solutions now to prevent rising numbers of severe and fatal crashes. This includes:

  • Putting policies in place to keep people safe in the crosswalk. We need daylighting, no turn on red, and left turn calming across the entire high-injury network this year.
  • Adding red light cameras to 10 dangerous intersections this year. San Francisco is underutilizing this highly-effective, life-saving technological solution.
  • Tackling speed, the #1 cause of severe and fatal crashes. Steps can be taken now to move the needle on dangerous speeds, and pave the way for speed safety cameras. Seattle’s results from more frequent signage paired with lower speed limits are inspiring. 

We know SFMTA is overwhelmed by the myriad of challenges brought on by the pandemic, and have been creative and nimble in so many ways (and the new Slow Streets Program is a smart solution during COVID and beyond). 

But designing and enforcing safe streets must be at the top of SFMTA’s list. Lives are at stake.    

So please add your voice for safe and healthy streets if you haven’t yet. And if you’re able to, please invest in life-saving streets with a donation to Walk SF today.