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Help keep sidewalks as… sidewalks

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The new Shared Spaces Program must protect sidewalk space for social distancing and clear passage with a wheelchair 

In June San Francisco launched a Shared Spaces Program to allow the use of public space to support local business activities, such as creating outdoor seating for restaurants. 

The Shared Spaces Program is a great way to help boost economic recovery, except for one thing: sidewalks without enough space for social distancing and clear passage with a wheelchair should not be used for seating.

Join us in keeping sidewalks clear by reporting any blocked and insufficient sidewalk space that you see. Six feet of space between seating and the curb or any other obstructions (e.g poles, utility boxes) for safe social distancing and clear passage is required. We need city agencies to work with businesses to address these obstructions ASAP.

  • Take a photo.
  • Submit a complaint on the 311 mobile app under “Blocked Pedestrian Walkway” or on the 311 website (click “New Request”, then “View All Request Types”, and then scroll down to select “Blocked Pedestrian Walkway”.
  • OPTIONAL: Share the photo on Twitter with @walksf @sfpublicworks and #SharedSpacesSF.