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We need your voice for safe streets on June 2: make a public comment via phone

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Join me in urging SFMTA to prevent a surge in tragic and preventable traffic crashes

Vehicle traffic is starting to rise again, and could even exceed levels previous to shelter-in-place. This means that without immediate action by the SFMTA, we will soon see a tragic surge in severe and fatal traffic crashes in San Francisco, especially among our most vulnerable. 

Earlier this month, Walk SF sent a detailed letter with key actions to SFMTA Director Jeffrey Tumlin. Hundreds of people have since echoed this in their own emails to Director Tumlin. 

Now let’s put this on the top of the agenda for the SFMTA Board. Can you join me (via phone) for the SFMTA Board meeting on Tuesday, June 2 at 1:00PM? 

I’ll share talking points with you and some tips (giving public comment over the phone is easy but requires some guidance).

While we can’t go to City Hall right now, we can absolutely still make our voices for safe streets heard.

So please join me. And if you can’t make it… Be sure to send a personal email to SFMTA Director Tumlin, and support this work with a donation today.