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Safety fixes on Taylor Street show what’s possible for the most dangerous streets

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Yesterday we celebrated a safer Taylor Street with so many wonderful partners. SFMTA just installed short-term, ‘quick build’ safety solutions on Taylor Street – and they are fantastic!

The solutions include removing a vehicle travel lane (hugely important for traffic calming), painted safety zones at intersections (this slows turning vehicles, makes pedestrians more visible, and reduces crossing times), and turn restrictions (reduces the potential for a crash).

We are so excited about these life-saving changes because:

  • They are exactly the kinds of changes Walk SF has been strongly advocating for together with our partners in the Safer Taylor Street Community Working Group.
  • They are an incredibly important interim safety measure before the comprehensive ‘Safer Taylor Street’ project, passed last fall, begins construction by SF Public Works later this year.
  • They show what’s possible for bringing affordable, fast safety fixes to the city’s most dangerous streets. These changes happened at record speed using paint, posts, signs, and signal changes – and are at the heart of the SFMTA’s new “quick build” approach to the high-injury network (read more in our previous blog). Walk SF will push for all the fast-moving, one-way streets in the Tenderloin to get same fixes Taylor Street just got by the end of 2020!

We are grateful to SFMTA for their fast action on Taylor.

We also want to thank Supervisor Matt Haney, Tenderloin Safe Passage, Tenderloin Community Benefit District, St. Anthony’s, TNDC, SF Bicycle Coalition, and the Central City SRO Collaborative for their dedication to a safer Taylor Street, and all streets in the Tenderloin. We are proud to work with these amazing partners and together cut the ribbon on Taylor Street’s short-term safety fixes yesterday!