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Important win will hasten safety fixes on the most dangerous streets

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Amendment to the City’s Transportation Code passed by the SFMTA Board of Directors

At the June 4 SFMTA Board of Directors meeting, we spoke out in enthusiastic support of a change to San Francisco’s Transportation Code which will streamline much-needed safety improvements on the most dangerous streets.

Here at Walk SF, we have been pushing hard for the City to figure out ways to be proactive and faster in getting safety improvements on the ground – especially when many effective fixes can happen with paint, posts, signs, and signal changes.

The amendment to the Transportation Code, which ultimately passed unanimously by the SFMTA Board, means that certain safety improvements can be approved by the city traffic engineer instead of being legislated by the SFMTA Board (read more on our previous blog).

Gratitude… and onward!

We are grateful to the SFMTA Board of Directors for passing this amendment. Special thanks to SFMTA Board member Amanda Eaken, who has been urging bold and innovative Vision Zero solutions. We also want to thank the passionate Walk San Francisco members who spoke so powerfully at the meeting in support of this change.

SFMTA is proposing 10 ‘quick build’ safety projects that meet the criteria set out in the Transportation Code amendment, and it’s a strong list. We’ll be making sure these projects move as quickly as they should, and putting together the next list of streets SFMTA needs to tackle.

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