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Walk to Work Day Walker Profile: Meet Margaux

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Walk to Work Day is just around the corner on Friday, April 11. Leading up to the big day, we talked with San Franciscans who already walk to their workplace or wherever they spend their day.

In this installment of Walker Profiles, we’d like to introduce you to Lower Presidio Heights resident, Margaux Kelly, who walks 2-5 miles to work in Civic Center each day.

What inspired you to start walking to work?

It’s truly zero emissions and an even cleaner form of transportation than taking MUNI or another public transportation system. I can walk, so I will.

What is your favorite part about walking?

It is 1 hour a day of guaranteed dedicated time to think and ruminate. Whether my thoughts continue to be work related, which baked good to make or where I want to ride my bike that weekend, I can can completely unadulterated time and space to think.

What challenges have you faced when walking to work? How do you overcome them?

Just try not to get hit by a car. It’s challenging to cross an intersection where two one-way street intersect. For the cars turning, it is almost like driving straight, they don’t have to look left or right to turn. I take a step out and wait for them to slow, it just takes an extra thought to remember those unusual intersections.

Do you have regular stops on your walk? Regular people you meet/see?

I stop every day right before City Hall and get coffee. I like to walk into work with hot coffee.

What is your favorite “Walking to Work” story?

I’ve let all of my friends know about walking to work. Two of them have started walking consistently to work. Their rationale? “Well, if she can do it….”. Good enough for me!

Thanks Margaux for sharing your story with us! Are you already walking to work? Tell us about your experiences here.

Interested in walking to work on Friday, April 11?  Learn about Walk to Work Day contests, drawing prizes and Hubs near you for FREE coffee and pre-loaded Clipper cards at