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Walk to Work Day Walker Profile: Meet Charla

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Walk to Work Day is just around the corner on Friday, April 11. Leading up to the big day, we talked with San Franciscans who already walk to their workplace, or wherever they spend their day.

In this year’s first installment of Walker Profiles, we’d like to introduce you to Potrero resident Charla Rodney, who walks 1-2 miles to work in SoMa each day.


What inspired you to start walking to work?

I first started walking due to erratic Muni schedules, and found it to be a pleasant way to ease into the day, as well as a good way to decompress after the close of one. Several years later, I joined a digital fitness company, so walking now helps me get in my daily steps goal.

What is your favorite part about walking?

My favorite part of walking is how calming it is (most of the time), compared to maniac drivers and public transit. I get to go at my own pace, mostly in my own world, and notice so many more things in my neighborhood and on my path than I would if I drove, or took the bus. If I want to “stop and smell the roses”…I can!

What challenges have you faced when walking to work? How do you overcome them?

Not really any challenges, except when it rains….I got a raincoat and a big-ass umbrella. They help.

Do you have regular stops on your walk? Regular people you meet/see?

No regular stops, but I do see the same “walking man” every morning. He’s trimmed down considerably in the three years I’ve seen him. I’d love to know his story, but haven’t asked…yet.

What is your favorite “Walking to Work” story?

I don’t know that I have a favorite walking to work story…though, some of my favorite walking to home stories involve bar-hopping through SoMa.

Thanks Charla for sharing your story with us! Are you already walking to work? Tell us about your experiences here.

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