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Walk to Work Day Walker Profile: Meet Jane

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Walk to Work Day is just around the corner on Friday, April 11. Leading up to the big day, we talked with San Franciscans who already walk to their workplace or wherever they spend their day.

In this installment of Walker Profiles, we’d like to introduce you to Nob Hill resident, Jane, who walks 1-2 miles to work in the Financial District each day, and has done so for several years.

What inspired you to start walking to work?

The 1 California line is packed by the time it reaches my neighborhood and frequently doesn’t even stop. Rather than waste my time waiting, it’s more beneficial to just start walking. Often times I’m neck-in-neck with the bus!

What is your favorite part about walking?

It’s the little things that make it such a pleasure to walk: saying hi to the school crossing guard, the cute doggies being walked, birdsong, budding street trees, observing the sky, the wafting incense of Chinatown. The downside is what’s underfoot: countless wads of gum stuck to the sidewalk, street trash and dog poo.

What challenges have you faced when walking to work? How do you overcome them?

Crossing the street is definitely the biggest pedestrian danger. I always wait before stepping off the curb and then look in all directions.

Do you have regular stops on your walk? Regular people you meet/see?

I shop at a green grocer on Clay & Grant and also at LeBeaux on Clay & Leavenworth.

What is your favorite “Walking to Work” story?

I always help tourists when asked for directions. I want them to think that San Franciscans are friendly and helpful.

Thanks Jane for sharing your story with us! Are you already walking to work? Tell us about your experiences here.

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