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Hearing and media focus on the plight of pedestrians

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This morning, Supervisor Eric Mar held a hearing at which the Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) presented a report on the state of the city and recommendations for improvement. If you missed the hearing, catch up with:

  • PSAC’s recommendations:
    • Identify sustained funding for collection and integration of pedestrian data
    • Advocate for funding for strategic pedestrian planning and implementation: Transform the Better Streets Plan into a compulsory document
    • Provide resources needed to implement goals of Mayor’s Directive
  • PSAC print report (PDF)
  • Video of the hearing (4/11/11)

Walk SF spoke up at the hearing to advocate for a strong Pedestrian Action Plan — a commitment by the city to implement street improvements with clear deadlines — and 15-mph safe speed zones around the city’s schools. We also called for the city to use a streets bond that may go on this November’s ballot to fund the street improvements we need.

In reporting on today’s hearing, the SF Chronicle pointed out that last month, three pedestrians were killed in just four days.

Today, the SF Weekly published an eyewitness account of a jogger seriously injured this morning by a red-light runner on Masonic.

We need action. Please send an email to Supervisors Eric Mar, John Avalos, and Sean Elsbernd and let them know that you appreciate today’s hearing and you want to see pedestrian improvements move forward! (please CC