Page Street: A new neighborway + SF’s first raised intersection?

Posted Wednesday May 16, 2018 by Jodie Medeiros

Page Street: A new neighborway + SF’s first raised intersection?

The Page Street Neighborway Project holds a lot of promise. Will it reach its full potential?

Making a “neighborway”
The project’s goal is to make Page Street calm, pleasant, and safe for people on foot and on bikes, by making it a “neighborway”—a traffic-calmed residential street. The street’s transformation will be particularly important for families at nearby John Muir Elementary School, and neighbors who use Koshland Park. 
The first phase will transform Page from Market Street to Webster Street (one block east of Fillmore). A later second phase will continue from Webster to Stanyan Street, by Golden Gate Park. The project will:

  • Extend sidewalk corners: Add bulb-outs/corner extensions to reduce the distance and time needed to cross the street, increase visibility between drivers and people walking, and slow down turning cars;
  • Divert car traffic: Create a traffic diverter at Webster and Page Streets to keep cars from turning east onto Page (this will be tested as a pilot first);
  • Green the street with plants: Add sidewalk plantings and landscaping to manage stormwater runoff, capture and store groundwater, beautify the street, and calm traffic.

A raised intersection (courtesy

A first for San Francisco
We’re particularly excited about one element of the project: a raised intersection at Page and Buchanan. A raised intersection is a design tool that transforms the whole intersection into a place that puts pedestrians first. It increases the visibility of people on foot, and gets cars and bikes to slow down through the whole intersection.

If approved and built, this will be the first raised intersection in San Francisco!

The Page Street Neighborway is heading to the SFMTA Board Meeting on September 4 for a decision. However, we’re concerned: it’s not clear that the city’s first raised intersection is going to remain in the project. Help us keep the city strong in its commitment to putting pedestrians first!

Sign the petition below to send an email to support the raised intersection. (You can personalize your email by clicking in the body of the message.)

With your support, Page Streets, and eventually more streets throughout San Francisco, will become greener, safer, and more beautiful—places where people are the priority.


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