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State of Emergency for Traffic Safety

Ask your Supervisor to sign onto the resolution for a state of emergency

As of late July, fourteen people have died while walking and biking in our city. This number is twice as what is was at the same time last year.

These tragic unnecessary deaths must stop. Our City needs to do whatever it takes to make us all safe on our streets.

That’s why together with Supervisor Matt Haney, and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, we are asking city leaders to declare a state of emergency for traffic safety.

Please email or call your Supervisor ASAP and urge them to sign onto the resolution introduced by Supervisor Haney to declare a state of emergency for traffic safety. The language in the resolution is clear: the safety of people walking and biking must be prioritized over flow of traffic.

Note: Supervisors Norman Yee, Hillary Ronen, Sandra Lee Fewer, and Vallie Brown are now signed on as cosponsors. 

We want every Supervisor’s signed onto the resolution. Look up your Supervisor and send them an email now.

We see San Francisco declaring a state of emergency for traffic safety as a necessary step to both acknowledge the crisis on our streets and support unprecedented levels of action. Safe streets must be at the top of the list of priorities for city leaders. This means finding the funding and forwarding the policies needed for sweeping changes. Now.

Please do take a minute to call or email your Supervisor today – hearing from constituents is critically important.

Read more about the changes Walk San Francisco wants to see in response to this public safety crisis.