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Share your story in support of AB 550

Are you someone whose life has been impacted by a speed-related traffic crash?

Were you or a loved one injured, or was someone you care about killed?

If you’re comfortable telling us more about what happened, your story could help build support for AB 550. Let’s talk.

AB 550 will go for a full floor vote in the California Assembly by June 4 at the latest. Before then, we need to show the true toll of dangerous and deadly speeds in a variety of ways: on social media, in news stories, and on the steps of the State Capitol.

Your story is powerful. And we will share it and involve you only in ways that are comfortable and right for you. Many of the ways require very little of your time (such as simply sharing a photo and a micro story you approve for Walk SF to use on social media).

Questions? Contact Aly at Go back to AB 550.

Banner image: Michael Halberstadt