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Celebrate the Crosstown Trail plus… introducing the new Double Cross Trail

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Naturally, at Walk SF, we think the best way to explore and connect with San Francisco is on foot. Hiking the Crosstown Trail is an unforgettable way to do just that. Established in 2019, the spectacular, 17-mile route is full of surprises from the quiet shores of Candlestick Point in the southeast corner of the city to the rugged cliffs of Lands End in the northwest. We’re so grateful to Walk SF members, including Karen Rhodes and Bob Siegel, who were part of making the Crosstown Trail a reality.

Big news: the new 14.5-mile Double Cross Trail is official! Created during the pandemic by a group of intrepid San Francisco hikers, this trail crosses the city from Fort Funston in the southwest to Pier 23 on the Embarcadero in the northeast, forming an ‘X’ with the Crosstown Trail. Like the Crosstown, the Double Cross takes you through neighborhoods and hidden trails, and is full of views and San Francisco magic. The full route map can be viewed here. Completing both trails means you’ve crossed the ‘X!’

To celebrate its five-year anniversary and adoption of the Double Cross Trail, the Crosstown Coalition is hosting a series of 15 hikes throughout June. The lineup includes full-route treks, special section hikes, and even a full moon pub crawl. Learn more and register.

You can join me on the ‘BART-to-BART Crosstown Combo’ on Saturday, June 15, 9:30AM-4:30PM. This ~10-mile hike combines stretches of the Crosstown and Double Cross Trails and showcases many iconic San Francisco landmarks. We’ll meet at the Glen Park station and start on the Crosstown through Glen Canyon, then switch onto the Double Cross and hike up and over Twin Peaks. From there, we’ll visit Alamo Square and wind through Nob Hill, Chinatown, and North Beach to descend the Greenwich Steps and finish at the Embarcadero station.

Can’t make the June celebration hikes? Grab a map and turn-by-turn directions and do it yourself. Whether you tackle the entire trail in one day or explore a section at a time, you’re guaranteed a memorable and uniquely San Francisco adventure!

Banner image: Guy Joaquin

Photo of a woman with a cane waiting to cross a street as a car passed by in front of her.