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What’s next in getting AB 645, the speed camera bill, through the Senate

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In our four attempts to pass legislation to allow the use of lifesaving speed safety cameras in California, we’ve never made it out of the Assembly.

Until now. On May 31, the Assembly passed AB 645 by a vote of 58 to 7. This means for the first time, we’re going to the California Senate with a speed camera bill.

And with your help, we’re going to do everything possible to get AB 645 passed out of the Senate and to the Governor’s desk!

This started Monday, when we took a special trip to Sacramento with members of Families for Safe Streets. They shared their stories with the offices of nearly 20 Senators in a nonstop and exhausting day. The focus was the Senators who sit on the committees that AB 645 will go to first: Transportation and Judiciary.

Now’s when you come in. We want to send the Chairs of these two committees a flood of emails of support for AB 645.

Special thanks to those who made yesterday’s trip to Sacramento a success

I can’t thank the five folks pictured above enough for putting in a 12 hour day yesterday to support AB 645. These members of Families for Safe Streets have been directly affected by a traffic crash, and their stories completely change the conversation with legislators’ offices and leave them with far more than statistics.

A big thanks to the SFMTA, San Jose’s Department of Transportation, and KidSafe SF member Trish Gump for joining us in Sacramento!