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Give feedback on SFMTA’s proposed safety project on Lincoln Way by May 15

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Since Vision Zero was adopted in 2014 in San Francisco, over 260 people have been seriously injured and two people killed in traffic crashes on Lincoln Way, the four-lane road running along the south edge of Golden Gate Park. Last year, four pedestrians were hit and seriously injured while simply waiting for the bus at 9th and Irving.

Walk SF members and neighbors near Lincoln consistently share stories of dangerous speeds and close calls. With thousands of people crossing Lincoln Way to visit Golden Gate Park every day, it’s crucial for this street to be safer.

We are grateful that the SFMTA is bringing a ‘Vision Zero Quick Build’ project to this high-injury street in 2023. And right now is our chance to push for the strongest possible project when it comes to safety – especially because the current proposed project doesn’t go far enough.

The SFMTA has a survey open until May 15 for you to give feedback on their proposed safety designs for Lincoln. The survey is short, but somewhat challenging because you’re supposed to give feedback on drawings of different section of Lincoln – so we encourage you to simply leave comments along the lines of:

  • Question 5 & 6: We need every possible protection at all intersections on Lincoln to keep us safe. All intersections with no signals need left turn calming, daylighting, and pedestrian safety zones. All intersections with high levels of pedestrian traffic need daylighting, pedestrian safety zones, and continental crosswalks. Retime traffic signals for 25MPH on this corridor to bring down speeds.
  • For Question 7, also include: Add a crosswalk at 6th Ave. I shouldn’t be told I can’t cross here.

With the help of the volunteers pictured here, Walk SF did a walk audit of the entire length of Lincoln last month to shape our detailed recommendations for the Quick Build project (you can read our letter here).

A big thanks to everyone who came out and donated their time, including folks from the Inner Sunset Park Neighbors.