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A chance to ask the City for a stronger speed plan at April 25 SFCTA meeting

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Last month, the SFMTA released a document that it is calling a ‘speed plan.’

But as we detailed in our letter to the SFMTA Board of Directors, the plan falls far short of what’s needed to address the biggest threat we face on our streets: dangerous speeds.

We have a chance to demand better at the Tuesday, April 25 SFCTA meeting, where SFMTA will present their plan to the Board of Supervisors (wearing their hats as SFCTA Commissioners).

We need to show how much people want to #SlowOurStreets and ask tough questions about the plan. Can you help us by calling in?

The meeting starts at 10AM, and we’re awaiting the agenda to know more specifically when this agenda item is happening.

Sign up and we’ll keep you posted on when to call in, plus sharing some talking points.

If you’re feeling frustrated and scared with how much speeding you’re seeing, this is a great chance to push City leaders to do more.

Thank you for adding your voice if you’re able!

Do you want Walk SF to push for every solutions possible to #SlowOurStreets?
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