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Thank Supervisors for passing resolution to get answers & action on Vision Zero

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Tuesday’s win for safe streets and how we’ll build on this

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed Supervisor Dean Preston’s resolution on Vision Zero.

The “Moving Vision Zero forward” resolution captures much of what Walk SF is most concerned about right now with the City’s stalled efforts on safe streets.

The resolution calls for the Mayor, SFMTA, SFPD, and other key city agencies to consistently collaborate on safe streets – a core piece of the Vision Zero approach that’s faded since the City first adopted Vision Zero.

The resolution also puts two actions that are critical to get – and keep – on track: completing ‘Quick Build’ safety projects on the entire high-injury network by the end of 2024, and launching a comprehensive plan that actually moves the needle with dangerous speeds citywide.

The unanimous passage of the resolution puts every Supervisor on record for recommitting to Vision Zero – and means we can hold them to now push for the actions in it.

But that will only happen if they keep hearing how much this matters from constituents. Thanks to many of you, Supervisors got a huge surge of emails leading up to Tuesday’s vote. So let’s thank Supervisors and let them know we need them to do more.

To get Vision Zero back in focus, we need to push from every angle possible. The Board of Supervisors is critical. So send your thanks and keep the pressure on today!

Special thanks to Supervisor Preston and staff for their hard work on this resolution, and for Supervisor Myrna Melgar for cosponsoring.